Set up Microsoft Exact Data Match – Build your data Schema

This is the first video in the series of building out an EDM solution using Microsoft Purview. In this video, we will download a test data set and I will show you how to use XML to build and upload your schema to the compliance center. L I N K S ... Read More

Set up Microsoft Exact Data Match – Overview

MSFT Exact Data Match is a great way to remove or limit false positives in you DLP Policy. In this video, I do a quick overview of the solution and show you the end-user experience. L I N K S 3 part Blog Series by Sean McNeil is the best walkthough of this solution make ... Read More

Microsoft 365 Security Basics: Enterprise Application Admin Consent Workflows

Back with another M365 Security basic, this time disabling ends user from application consent. This is a great way to prevent users from using non-sanctioned apps as well as prevent and limit the risk of malicious apps. L I N K S

Microsoft 365 Security Basics: MFA Fraud Alert

Are your users experiencing MFA Fatigue? Are you worried about your employees accidentally approving a hacker's access to your environment? Well if you are you should enable MFA Fraud Alerts in your tenant! This option from MSFT gives your end user to report fraudulent MFA, and it can automatically block a users log in. L ... Read More

Microsoft 365 Security Basics: Secure Azure AD Directory Access

Microsoft default Security default settings allow end users to explore way to much info about your Azure Active Directory. In this quick video, I show you how to lock that setting down so end users cant access Azure AD. L I N K S

Microsoft 365 Security Basics: Deploy MFA (4 Options)

Starting a new series of videos on M365 Security Basics. Where I will show you some quick wins for hardening your Microsoft 365 environment. The first and most important hardening activity is to deploy MFA. C H A P T E R S 00:00 Video Intro 01:50 Enable Combined Registration Experience 02:55 Deploy MFA with ... Read More

Automatically Apply Sensitive Labels: 3 Options

Microsoft Information Protection Sensitivity Labels are a great way to protect your Unstructured Data. However, it requires end users to label the data for the protection to work. Let's fix that and automate the labeling process. In this video, I give you 3 options for Automatically Applying Sensitivity labels. Reference Docs

MIP – Sensitivity Label Overview

Sensitivity labels from Microsoft Purview Information Protection is a great way for you to begin classifying and protecting your data. In this video, I give you an overview of the functionality and a demo of the end-user experience. Tech Net Resources: