How to setup Defender for Cloud Apps Session Control

Welcome to Doug Does Tech! In this video, Doug takes you step-by-step through setting up session control policies and conditional access in Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. If you're looking to enhance security and control access to your organization's cloud applications, this guide is for you. We'll start with a demo of session control, showing ... Read More

Welcome Back

After a little break, I'm back and ready to dive into some exciting new content. Get ready for deep dives into Microsoft 365 security, Defender, and Purview. Don't worry, I'll keep it relaxed and easy to understand, even for beginners. Thank you for your patience and support. If you have content or questions you would ... Read More

Is MFA Enough? Implementing FIDO Keys with Microsoft 365

Traditional MFA may no longer suffice as a robust security measure to safeguard your crucial accounts. Hackers have devised new methods to breach your sign-in process, even with MFA in place. Hence, we require stronger forms of authentication. In this video, I delve into the array of options supported by Microsoft for robust authentication and ... Read More

Microsoft 365 Security Basics: Password Protection

Weak and easily guessable passwords 🗝️ have been a common pain for an organization's security. We all have tried to add password complexity, but users just think of easy ways to bypass it with things like CompanyName1! 😝 Or worse helpdesk uses passwords like the common Winter2023! or Fall2019! 🤢 Well in this video I ... Read More

Build a website using Azure Static Web Apps and Authenticate with AAD

Docusarus, Azure Static Web Apps, Github and Azure Active Directory, Oh MY! In this video, I'll introduce you to some exciting new technologies for building and hosting your own website for documentation. We'll start by creating a local site using Node JS and Docusaurus, followed by deploying it on Azure Static Web Apps. To enable ... Read More

Practical Conditional Access: The Secure Endpoint

In this final video on Practical Conditional Access, we'll be sharing our favorite set of policies designed to ensure secure access to your organization's environment. Specifically, we'll be focusing on the "The Secure Endpoint" policy, which is a customizable template that addresses a variety of scenarios. The main goal of which is to limit access ... Read More

Create a Conditional Access Policy Design: The Castle Bypass

In the second video in our series on Practical Conditional Access, we are talking about requiring MFA except when you are in a trusted location. This type of policy is common but increases an organization's risk due to the bypass. So in this video, we will walk through a design called "The Castle Bypass" which ... Read More

Create a Conditional Access Policy Design: The Baseline

Creating a set of Conditional Access policies on your own without ever seeing how other orgs do it can be hard. In this series, we will be showcasing different policy designs and providing examples of practical deployments to meet various organizational requirements. These policies are designed to be templates that can be easily customized to ... Read More

Microsoft 365 Security Basics: Exchange Online

In this video, we'll cover some key points you need to know to secure your Exchange Online environment. We'll discuss topics such as disabling legacy authentication, identifying risky email overrides, enabling audit logging, blocking outbound forwarding, help users quickly identify external emails, and enabling an easy way for your users to report phishing attacks. By ... Read More