Welcome to my new Blog

Thanks everyone so much for showing up and checking out my new blog. Content on here is mostly going to be about my journey though Technology and the various pieces of tech I am working on and fixing.

Most likely I wont post a ton on here and it will be mostly what is cool that i am learning. or most likely stuff I cant remember and post here so I don’t have to  remember it.

Who am I?

Well I am just your ordinary every day IT Guy. Trying to help one organization after the next succeed with technology. I Primarily focus on Microsoft Cloud technology and and have lots of experience rolling out these products to company’s.   Not just an implement and leave kind of roll out, but deep level training and building to help company’s to take advantage of these products that they can use everyday.

 I am just here for the Journey. If you want to reach out to me email me at @dougsbaker