Cloud app security – admin changes alert

I really love Microsoft’s Cloud App Security tool. It is quickly becoming the one place I go to check all logs, as well as remediate any security issues with my Office 365 environments.

The hardest thing about this tool is out of the box it can be a little chatty- alerting you to too many things or not alerting you about the right things. One of the things I feel it doesn’t alert well on out of the box is admin elevations. This may be because Microsoft has other places they have standard alerts for this type of thing. But I really like having a single plane of glass for my security events and this is a big one I want to have visibility into. Below is a policy so you can add to be notified when admins are changed.

First, create a name and set the severity to high.

Next, we need to filter what activities, the ones I have found I want to be alerted on, is the following. These member roles are not well described from the drop down, but these are all the admin rights in Office 365. Security admin, billing admin, global admin, etc.. will trigger any time there is a change.

Once you have this set you can just save your policy and you are good to go. You should start seeing the alerts in the CAS portal anytime there is admin permission update.

And here is an extra tip- I like to be notified in real time, so with CAS you can elect to get text messages notifications about these alerts as well as in an email. This way you make sure you are aware and can take action as soon as a change happens.