Should I Integrate SharePoint sharing with Azure AD B2B

I was recently looking at new options available for controlling SharePoint and ran in into an interesting new feature I have never deployed. Specifically the Azure AD B2B integration with SharePoint and OneDrive. Azure AD B2B integration for SharePoint & OneDrive – SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

Seems like an easy enough feature to turn on. Just 2 lines of PowerShell and I am set. But the big question I struggled with when researching this was should I enable this for my tenant? When I do what will be the change in the user experience? Are there any issues/got ya’s when this is enabled? Below I attempt to explorer those questions so you don’t have to.

Long Story Short: You should probably turn the feature on. From a security perspective, you should definitely turn this on. For your guests, it will be a little more cumbersome, but I think the security controls win out. Finally, If you do turn it on I would definitely also integrate AzureAD to support External Identity providers. This will let your users sign in with their external Identity instead of relying on Passcode via email.

Security Benefit: If you enable the B2B integration, you will immediately get a better set of security controls over your guests. The biggest call out is that once you have enabled this, guests are subject to CA policy and all the controls we can do in CA. The largest of these control wins is the ability to MFA these guests. I was surprised to find out that accounts that did not have an AzureAD back(Gmail yahoo etc) defaulted to passcode over email and did not require MFA. The other win inside CA is you can require Terms of Service, this is especially helpful if you need a way for guests to provide consent for GDPR purposes.

Gotchas: The biggest gotcha I can see so far with enabling this is now these guests will show up in Azure AD. Previously if just using the SPO Experience they did not. So if you enable this you will probably get an influx of guests that begin showing in Azure AD. So we need to make sure we have Access Reviews / a cleanup process running regularly to remove these users.

Guest User Experience: Below you will find a side-by-side comparison of the user experience. Overall for a guest, it is a slower experience, Especially if you have Conditional Access Policies in place requiring MFA. Again if you decide to move forward with the Azure AD B2B, consider also enabling External Identity providers.

Default ExperienceAzure AD B2B Enabled